Sunday, 13 July 2014

Day 6 ----Upcycle

So its day 6 and what can we do to feel good. Sundays can be a day of mixed emotion. No work whoop leading to work in the morning boo!! But let's not look at work as a negative concept lets think happy thoughts. If work is that bad that you can't find a positive don't fret plan the good things. Lunch can be amazing with a little planning maybe use today and get it ready. If food is not your thing then think about that bike you bought for going back and too to work. Get it out the ride in will release the endorsing to make you happy. Not into exercise plan to meet a friend. Read a book, watch a film the possibilitys are endless and remember to spread the love and share the happiness out. Start your own 100 days of happiness today pass it on.

Well why am i calling this post upcycling the reason is we are so wasteful and that can make us feel bad. So before you throw away something look at its possibilitys.

I will share some of my own success' over the next few weeks

Stay safe, be happy


Saturday, 12 July 2014

Day 5

Well here we are Saturday 12th July and day 5 of my #100daysofhappiness and i have been busy pottering around in the garden. It looks like a garden again now and not a overflow for the local landfill.

Today has been lovely and i have got loads done even had lunch in the garden which was really nice. The shed roof is fixed and the rubbish has gone to the tip.

So what are we doing today? To spread the happy bug? Well today i have not really been in contact with many people so the ones i have seen i have listened too and been nice too.

Have you made anyone's day? If so comment and let me know what you did.

Well i need a bath as i am stinking from the work i have done today!!

Stay safe, be happy


Friday, 11 July 2014

Day 4

So its day 4 of my 100 days of happiness and i think i am getting happier all the time. I think the people around me are getting happier and so on it goes spreading the happiness bug. My task for today was not have my Friday dictated by others and so i am sat at home watching Sarah and duck with my daughter. I could not be happier. Also the positive vibes have led to a gift from one of mine and freyas favorite 5 minute games. Its a app that has been made by

Due to our positive vibes and love for this app that we have been sharing with the world we have found out today lamby is sending us a gift. We are very greatful and feel very lucky.  so if you get chance take a look. Freya has gone on from reading simple 3 letter words to much larger ones. Picnics is a marvelous method of teaching.

Well after the shameless plug back to 100 days of happiness. You can start your own 100 days when ever you want. You can tell people or not its upto you make sure you try to pass on the happy bug smile the worst it will do is confuse people at best you could save a life.

Stay safe, be happy


Thursday, 10 July 2014

Day 3

Well here we are on day 3 of my 100 days of happiness. It has also been the #J10 day of action that is the national strike about pay. I was fun to be on strike and the people i work with are amazing i loved spending the time with them in solidarity and the banta was good. I was really impressed with the level of support we got from the general public. I think that the socialist movement does have some hope even if the labour party are a little scared to admit there socialist ideals in fear of never regaining power and that is a issue. when only 35% of the population vote what choice do you have as a politician but to aim at them with your policy. well the choice is simple engage the masses. engage the 65% that dot vote if you can get 10% more out elections are wide open.

well enough from my political rant and onto my challenge from today? Did you find time for yourself? if not that's fine try again tomorrow. from now until the end of the 100 days of happiness make sure you find some time to just be happy in your skin.

tomorrow is day 4 and a Friday so as Friday is a happy day anyway and you might have plans make sure that you are happy with what you are doing. if you want to sit in front of the telly with a box of Pringle's do it. if you want to go out straight from work and not get in until the sun has come up on Saturday do it. but make sure it is what you want to do don't feel pressured or bad about it. make plans that make you happy then contaminate others with your happiness!!

stay safe, be happy


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Day 2

Well today is day 2 and today i set the challenge of standing up for something you believe in what was it for you?? I supported the inesent people on both sides of the Israel Palestine conflict. It is should not be about politics or religious belief it should be about the people.

Apart front that i have cheered up a work mate and smiled at everyone.

Happiness is contagious. Remember that your mood and your attitude has massive power and influence on those around you. It is especially important if you have kids. Make sure you build them up in the morning help make things as stress free as possible. It will give them a great day.

Stay safe, stay happy


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Day 1

After a bad few months i am now feeling much better. As as such i am tasking myself with a little challenge.

It is 100 days of happiness. Its not just about me trying to be happy, its about sharing and promoting happiness.

So today is day 1 and the task if you are up for it is to make a stranger smile.

Share your story in the comments and show your support. Share the blog to get more people involved

Lets try to come up with a definition of happiness


Stay safe, be happy


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A great idea

As i have discussed in the past sport and a active lifestlye are the key to my mental health. It is important to me to spread the word and to try and get people re energised and out participating in sport.

It is especially important to me to help veterans transition from service life into the main stream population. One of the ways of doing this is to help families put down new roots. Getting involved in local community sports teams as volenteers or players/coaches firmly glues them into community and helps the community with the diverse set of skills that veterans offer have on offer. It helps the veterans as it gives them a role away from work.

So how can this be done?? I have a plan to get involved with army resettlement services as a point of contact. I can chase clubs training times and meeting point and pass them back. Maybe through a charity model. "Veterans in sport" (working title) or something similar. At the same time we provide mental health training and first aid training for clubs.

Anyway i am going to ponder over this a little more and will get back to you!!