Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Starting uni

Well as some of you know and some of you don't i will be starting university at the end of September which is pretty scary and exciting at the same time. At 36 with 3 kids and the main income to the house it is possibly not the most rational choice to make. However with current cutbacks and possible redundancy on the horizon i had to find a positive to help me with my mental health. This was it I could start again and get a career doing something that interests me and will tap into my creative side.

Do i think i will get the full university experience?? Well that depends on what that means.
Will I gain life experience that will be useful? Yes, because all experience can be drawn on when its needed.

Will i gain a education? Yes i will its university for the love of god and i best get some knowledge crammed into my skull.  

Will I make life long friends? well i really hope so its likely some of the friend i make will be friends for the whole of my life the younger ones might have to manage a decade of 2 on their own at the rough end.

This last question brings me to a sticking point and one of the main reasons for my apprehension of going to university. I am 36 most students will be 18. I will be double their age. While this in itself is not a major issue for me something that might be is my current role as a youth worker puts me in situations where i am helping to solve young peoples problems. Will i be able to turn this off or will i keep sticking my nose in where it is not wanted? Its a difficult one for me. I struggle to let things go at times but i realize that this time at university will be a opportunity for the younger students to make the mistakes they learn from. I am not speaking about academically they will be far better there than i am. Most if not all the other people on my course will be far better than me academically. My point is things like budgeting, sexual health scares, transport issues. While i do have concerns about where i will fit in i also realize that that place will in all reality find itself.

The next part is the social side of university life and pressure on me both financially and on my time might make it difficult for me to be involved it extra curricula activity. I am not super bothered about it as i don't really drink anymore and find that i have a wealth of information for my CV already.

I am excited about gaining a degree and hopefully this will be a good inspiration to my kids in helping them raise their aspirations and achieve the most out of life that they can.

Take care and speak soon

Monday, 25 August 2014

New blog same theme

Ok so I have saved and edited my old blog posts as it is time to move on and look forward. Firstly I am going though some major changes in my life and wanted to mark that with a fresh start.

I am changing things quite dramatically. My hours at work will be reduced to 10.5 and with that the start of my university career. That's right I am 36 and dropping out to go to university.

While I am under no illusion of  the difficulties ahead one of the biggest for me is having to structure my own time effectively. Having been told what to do for the last 2 decades will I be able to rise to the openness of university.

I will also be old enough to be most of the students dad's which could make the next 3 years a very lonely place because let's face it when you first strike out on your own in life you don't want reminding of your parents!

While as a youth worker I do find it easy to speak to anyone will I be able to or do I need to drop my professional approach to people. I will not need a agenda when speaking to new people. I will be able to just be myself. Whoever that is?

Well bye for now x