Saturday, 4 June 2016

Day 5

Today turned out welli have been sailing in a rustler 42. Its a pretty sweet yatch and i want one. I am too tiref to right today but its been great and i have loved every second of it.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Day 4

Well today i feel i have gained a whole new family away from the bond that veterans have and away from the common experinces that many of us share. There was a low point today that i struggled with the details are not important. I could not contain my emotions and became overwhelmed. A new brother helped me with a hand on a shoulder and a short walk in reflective conversation. The situation changed from one that could have taken me weeks to work through to a mere blip on the horizon of life. I over commited emotionally and forgot to look after myself. While i still feel embarrest about my emotions streaming through like they did i also learnt that this boat, this crew, and this charity have a unique soul that seeps in and pushes darkness from you leaving only the comfort, saftey and honesty that only a family can give.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Day 3

We slipped ropes as planned and under the kindest blue sky we sailedout of falmoth. The sails unfurled in the light wind and the engine provided a comforting hum keeping us on course.

Moral was high and the team were teaching us how to control the sails. The engine stopped and the golden sound of motion from the wind embraced the crew and a sense of euphoria kicked in. Aftera few moments of pure joy. I realised the engine was not stopped deliberately. It had infact failed. The Spirt was making way undersail but our engine had failed.

The challenge of what we were about to do was suddenly clear. This is not just a holiday on a boat. After some some time in the engine room utilising knowlege from my service it was clear we needed a new part.  With dropping winds spirt was really only drifting. Our other two boats the september and quivera sailed around us bringing the feeling of comfort only brought by good friends. The moral on board instead of plumiting impoved. The crew took control and guided us threw what needed doing. Everything was calm and everyone was happy as we were towed back into falmouth under the cover of darkness.

We were back along side in falmouth and if i were to say the spirt sighed with a chuckle under her breath you would not belive me. She is a wiley old girl making sure we are worthy of her company as she undertakes this journey of a lifetime.

Stay safe, speak soon


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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Day 2

Well today sneaked past in what felt like minutes. We have put more stuff on the spirit of falmoth than i thought she would be able to hold. We have nearly a full compliment of crew. Just a couple to arrive now. There is not much space on board. Living conditions are going to be pretty cramped. We slip lines at 1845 tonight and will sail up to foye about 4 hours away (depending on the wind). I feel like my tonsillitis is coming back. I hope not that would really suck.

Tonight will be our first meal onboard. No idea what it will be but with any luck it wont be spag bol.

Day 1

Today i woke up onboard a tall ship. It is really the start of my adventure. I will be  leaving my family for 2 months. While leaving them feels like the hardest part of this challenge i am sure there will be others during the voyage. When i first decided to take part in this adventure i realised it would be all or nothing. I would have to let the world of material things go.

Even as i write this i know it is another world i will be entering over the next two months. The motion of the water and the sounds of the sea will be with me 100% of the time. I will have my guard up 100% of the time as i have some serious trust issues. This will all be exhausting. I hope over the course of the voyage i can address these issues and build my self confidence which has been low for some time. I have a companion for the journey and his name is Fraser. He is a teddy bear given to me by my daughter because "he wants a great adventure too" I will through his eyes show my daughter the diversity and beauty of the english coastline.

After my first night on the boat i realise i need to make my bed more comfortable. It was not a great sleep. I have the need to sleep some more i just cant wait for tonight but today is going to be busy preping the boat for setting sail tomorrow.

Stay safe, speak soon


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Friday, 13 May 2016

New social media

I have been playing with this new social media appover last few days.its good fun give it a try

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Saturday, 7 May 2016

The voyage part 1

Well its not really the first part of the voyage its more about my prep. I have been getting excited and scared about the challenge ahead of me.

I have started to pack and laid out everything i thought i would need on my bed. I then looked at the bag i have and realised i was slightly over optomistic of the possible tardis function of my bag.

2 month on a boat with 1 small bag leads me to think long and hard about the people fleeing syria and how hard it must be to pack knowing you may never get home. I realise i will get home my point is it made me think.

So packing aside i have bern teaching myself all about night identification of boats. Well revising i had an amazing skipper who managed to get this stuck in even my collinder of a brain. He had a real talkent as an instructor.

Well its all good for now with 25 days to go i will definitely be updating here youtubetastic and audio booming the hell out of the trip.

Below is the route with the dates and its all looking good. If you are going to be near any of our stop offs come say hi.

Stay safe, speak soon,


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Date: 2016 Voyage Note the schedule
May 31 Falmouth.
1 Depart Falmouth. Arrive Plymouth. 
2 Depart Plymouth.
3 Arrive Weymouth or Poole
4 Depart Weymouth or Poole
6 Arrive Margate
7 Depart Margate.
8 Day Off/Shore side engagement
10 Depart Ipswich.
14 Arrive Whitby or Brunswick Bay
15 Depart Whitby. Arrive Newcastle.
21 Depart Newcastle. Arrive Holy Island or Firth of Forth
22 Depart Holy Island
23 Arrive Peterhead 
24 Depart Peterhead.  Arrive Wick. Depart Wick
26 Possible Pentland Firth Race in this slot
28 Arrive Orkney.
29 D.O/Shore side engagement
1 Depart Orkney.
2 Arrive Stornoway, Isle of Lewis.
3 D.O/Shore side engagement
4 Depart Lewis
6 Arrive Tobermory, Mull.
7 D.O/Shore side engagement
8 Depart Mull.
9 Arrive Greenock. (Glasgow) 19 DAYS
10 Day Off /Shore side engagement.
12 Depart Greenock. Arrive Isle of Arran
13 Depart Arran
15  Arrive Isle of Man.
16 D.O/Shore side engagement
17 Depart Isle of Man. Arrive Whitehaven. 
18 Depart Whitehaven.  
20 Arrive Liverpool
23 Depart Liverpool. Arrive Holyhead.
24 Depart Holyhead.
27 Arrive Lundy
28 Depart Lundy.
29 Arrive Isles of Scilly
30 D.O/Shore side engagement
1 Depart Scilly. Arrive Falmouth